Brought to you by Mining Journal and, METSStocks Sydney is an exceptional one day event, which for the first time, will bring together Mining Equipment, Engineering, Technology and Services companies (METS) to promote this multi-billion dollar sector to the capital markets, as an investment opportunity. Throughout the day we will address the key drivers for innovation and investment in the sector as well as the future potential for METS as they become an even more exciting prospect. This will be an exclusive opportunity to gain insight into the investment outlook for METS today as well as the potential growth areas in the future.

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Ionic, Fifth Floor



Keynote: Let’s talk METS

  • What is the outlook for METS Companies in today’s market?
  • Is the cost of doing business enticing healthy competition?
  • How are METS Companies innovating for success?


Presentation: Investing into METS – an insight into M&A

  • How well are METS companies financially placed and how does that affect investment opportunities?
  • How are METS products being deployed currently and will this change with the shift towards automation?
  • What are the challenges with M&A in METS?
  • What do investors look for in METS companies and why are they now such a valuable asset?

Charles Gillies, Chief Investment Officer, Jolimont Global Mining Systems


METS Spotlight - Company Presentation



Networking and Refreshment Break

Banquet Hall, First Floor



Question Time: METS in conversation

Here we will bring together a panel of speakers from large global METS companies and small start-up organisations to discuss product innovation and the journey from start-up to star player

Ionic, Fifth Floor


METS Spotlight – Company Presentation


Morning Round-Up



Lunch Break

Please join our Networking Lunch break in the Banquet hall on the first floor

Banquet Hall, First Floor



Afternoon Welcome

Ionic, Fifth Floor


Panel: Unlocking Potential - Extracting Value from cross collaboration

  • How are METS and Mining companies collaborating to form better, bespoke products?
  • How has cross collaboration changed the METS approach to risk and reward?
  • What are the key challenges for METS companies looking to collaborate, but struggling to find the right partnership?
  • Have there been many success stories and what can other METS Companies learn from these experiences?


METS Spotlight - Company Presentation


Fireside Chat – The Funding Conundrum

  • How have new found funding mechanisms changed the METS landscape in Australia to date?
  • What has been most successful – Incubators/Accelerators? Government funding? Mentorship?
  • Can shared equity create conflict or commitment for METS companies involved?
  • What role does funding play in de-risking early-stage investment opportunities?



Networking and Refreshment Break

Banquet Hall, First Floor



METS Spotlight – Company Presentation

Ionic, Fifth Floor


Closing Keynote – The future for METS: What’s next?

In this closing session we will discuss what’s on the horizon for METS today and what this could mean for METS, Mining companies and Investors.


Closing Remarks



Networking Drinks Reception